Our purpose

At House of Cumin, we bring the diversity of the world to life through an array of healthy and wholesome curries, marinades and herb blends. Our purpose is for you to experience the diversity our amazing world offers through taste.

Our food offers an exciting discovery of worldly flavours, that inspires exploring new flavours, sharing and togetherness without the need to spend hours in the kitchen.

What we believe in

House of Cumin has a range of unique and delicious varieties of curries, marinades and herb blends and are constantly searching for exciting and authentic food experiences that bring people together with exciting flavours, using authentic preparations that excite the senses.

With products sourced from Africa, Europe, Asia and South America, there is an House of Cumin product to suit every occasion and perfect to share with friends or family.

Our Concept.

All our products can be prepared in just 3 easy steps:

Fry the spice, add the protein (chicken / lamb / fish / beef) and finish off with thickened cream or coconut milk. Seriously, that’s it.

So, travel the world with us! Authentic…Easy… House of Cumin.

All our products are Made in Australia by our experienced chefs at our own HACCP certified manufacturing facility in Sydney.