House of Cumin not only provides the best curries in the country, but we also provide the best solutions to our food-service customers who are looking to add variety to their menu. We help service providers save on their food production costs while offering healthy and allergen-free offerings.

School Canteens

Most school canteens are run by small operators. The challenge here is to run the canteen profitably while complying with government guidelines on stocking and selling food that is classified as only GREEN and AMBER by Health Department. Besides, there is also an acute shortage of skilled volunteers who can help prepare and pack lunches.

 Our offering helps canteen operators overcome these challenges by developing products that are school worthy and also certified as an ESSENTIAL ingredient category by Healthy Kids association. This is not only profitable for school canteen operators, enables them to provide quality meals without the need for skilled staff and also provide meals that are affordable for school children.

Our products are also made in Australia with NO artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives making it a healthier alternative to most imported products.

Requisites: Profitable. Part of a healthy diet, Easy to prepare

Suggested Recipes: Butter Chicken   Thai Green Curry


 Health Care

The major challenge of food-service in the Healthcare industry is to provide affordable, healthy, and cost-effective food solutions. Our products are designed with a low ‘cost per serve’ providing great value for both providers and customers and also comply with the quality requirements unique to this sector.

Requisites: Nutritional. Cost-Effective. Allergen controlled

Suggested Recipes: Veg Korma Curry   Lentil Curry


Butcheries and Small Goods 

 Butcher Shop

Local butchers face a major challenge with major supermarkets providing packaged meat products, thus taking customers away from them. To help our local butchers compete with national supermarket chains, we provide innovative products that help small goods retailers offer unique marinated products. Our spice blends also help butchers provide a comprehensive solution to their customers who buy a kilo of meat but are looking for healthy spice blends that can be used to convert the meat into a healthy meal for the family. 

A product like our Butter Chicken spice blend can be used to convert a kilo of chicken into a delicious, restaurant-style Butter Chicken meal that could feed a family of 5 in under $20!

Requisites: Competitive. Value-added. 

Suggested Recipes: Beef Rendang  Thai Red Curry



In the Hospitality industry, restaurants and clubs face the constant challenge of menu creation, providing authentic and quality meals, managing labor costs, maintaining profitability amidst stiff competition, and cost pressure. 

We have come up with 30 different authentic spice blends that not only provide extensive options for menu creation but also help them offer amazing and authentic product offerings at a decent cost per serve.

All our products can be created in 2-3 easy steps, thus enabling restaurants and clubs to offer restaurant-style, authentic products without the need for extremely experienced staff. This also enables restaurants to provide a consistent product offering even with new chefs coming on board.

Requisites: Authentic Menu creation. Eliminating the need for skilled staff.

Suggested Recipes:  Chicken Tikka Masala  Thai Red Chicken Curry

Remote Camps

Remote Camps

For the facilities management industry, the remoteness of many mining campsites is a major challenge that food providers need to overcome. Supplying fresh food to these sites call for considerable logistics and planning to ensure compliance with customer standards to ensure the health and safety of mine site employees.

 Our spice blends tick most of the boxes which a food service personnel in remote camp management looks for. Our products are made in Australia and comply with all the required standards. Our product range is free from artificial colors, preservatives, and major allergens. Our products are a dry spice blend and hence storage and handling do not need refrigeration and dishes made using our products are cook-chill and freeze-thaw stable.

Requisites: Easy to prepare without the need for skilled labor. Cost-effective. 

Suggested Recipes:  Lamb Rogan Josh  Chicken Korma