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Crushed Garlic Paste 10 Kg Tub - House of Cumin

Crushed Garlic Paste 10 Kg Tub

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Crushed Garlic Paste

House of Cumin’s Crushed Garlic.

No Asian, Indian or Middle Eastern dish is complete without that dash of garlic. But peeling and crushing your own garlic can be such a chore!

Use our crushed Garlic to add that special ‘something’ to your dish.

Convenient and bursting with flavour, use it in garlic bread, casseroles or in a stir-fry with meat or seafood.

1 tsp = 1 Garlic Clove

Crushed Ginger Paste 10 Kg Tub - House of Cumin

Crushed Ginger Paste 10 Kg Tub

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Crushed Ginger Paste

House of Cumin's Crushed Ginger Paste

Looking for a convenient alternative to crushing your own ginger? Use our crushed Ginger paste. Flavoursome and ready to go! Great in stir-fry’s, curries, casseroles, marinades and in most Asian and Indian cooking.

No-fuss… only the flavour!

1 tsp = 2.5cm fresh ginger root

Crushed Red Chilli Paste 10 Kg Tub - House of Cumin

Crushed RedChilli Paste 10Kg Tub

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Crushed Red Chilli Paste 

House of Cumin’s Crushed Red Chilli Paste

Need that extra ‘oomph’ in that dish? Reach for a bottle of our Red Chilli sauce.

Made from real, fried red chillies without any flavour enhancers. We source our chillies from the heart of India, where the climate is suited for a full-flavoured chilli. All we do is crush these chillies into a flavoursome sauce for your convenience.

A handy product in any pantry!


At House of Cumin Earlier known as East India Spice Company, our Food Services range has been designed by chefs to provide you with a mix of consistency, convenience, and quality. Our objective is to provide our foodservice customers with the consistently best product at competitive prices designed to make your life easier. Create an authentic experience for your customers time after time with our authentic curry sauces or condiments.

We supply Food services to the catering industry, restaurants, business institutions, and companies responsible for any meal prepared outside the home also including schools and hospital cafeterias, various catering operations, and many more.

Available in 10 Kg packs, try one of our crushed garlic, ginger, or chilly. We’re sure you’ll be surprised!!